On being a down ass homie

Good friends are hard to find

I’ve been blessed to have the same best friends I’ve had since middle school. They support me in pretty much everything, all the time, with no judgments. And I try really hard to do the same for them. I’ve also made some really awesome friends via the internets from way back in my AOL days (anyone else miss message boards? Facebook groups just aren’t the same).

I’ve been called a good friend and a “down ass homie.” I believe this is because I try really hard to be supportive of things my friends do – in their personal lives & various business ventures. This doesn’t always mean buying whatever my friends are selling. I can be a supportive friend by liking a post or sharing with other people who may be interested. I try to be trustworthy & dependable. When I tell someone I’ll do something, I do my best to do it. If it turns out that I can’t, I tell them why I can’t without lying or making up excuses.

We aren’t always so lucky. It sucks when you think someone is your friend and you find out they’ve lied or stabbed you in the back. It makes me sad when this happens to my friends. Often, it seems to happen when someone is trying to “get ahead” or gain favor with someone else they deem to be more popular or more successful. It seems to me that this isn’t the most awesome way to go about things. We all know that I’m all about the awesome.

Y’all, life is hard enough without these things. We’re all trying to do the best we can with what we have. Instead of climbing over others to get ahead, why don’t we just reach back & lend a hand? Everything is better with friends.

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