On joining direct sales (part 3)

Building a Team

So you’ve found your passion & chosen an upline and now you’re thinking about building a team. How exciting! Most companies will tell you that building a team is key to your success. I’m not going to do that. I don’t know you or your goals. Maybe you don’t want to be a superstar black diamond premier director or whatever your company calls the top people. Some companies (and uplines) will push you to recruit others because you’ll receive a percentage from those under you & your upline’s advancement may depend on your own advancement. I’m here to tell you to do you, friend. But if you’re ready to be a leader, read on.

On value

When you’re asking people to join your team, you have to think about the value for them. Don’t make it about you! Being presented with the idea of owning your own business can be scary. You have to find what will draw that person in. When 1 of the companies I was with had a join special, I went to my best customers and told them about it. They really loved the product and this way they could join without a big, scary kit and get the same discount I got without anything to lose. And in a day, a team was born. Sure, I recruited my best customers so I’d no longer have those sales but in the industry, you’ve got to keep expanding your customer base. Your “warm market” will only get you so far. There’s only so much of a product 1 person needs.


Part of sharing the value with your potential downlines is recognizing why they might want to do the thing. Your why is not their why. Share the benefits of your company tailored to their individual needs. Maybe their current purchase is more than the cost of the kit, so you present the opportunity/discount/etc. Maybe they need the extra income and the flexibility a direct sales business can provide. Or maybe they’re looking to make connections and new friends. Whatever it is, it isn’t one sized fits all. Think about the value and needs of the individuals you want on your team.

It only takes one

If you sponsor 1 person to your team, congrats! You’re a leader. One of my previous companies had a join kit that changed every month & it was always an awesome kit. Someone came to me and joined just for the kit. This is what we call a “kitnapper.” Then she decided maybe she’d sell to people she worked with since they already loved the product anyway. Then the kit went on sale. I shared the value with a few people and my downline did the same thing. I went from a team of 1 to a team of 11 with 3 generations overnight. That 1 person who initially joined as a “kitnapper” turned into a rockstar & promoted twice in the company in a short time period. Don’t turn away those kitnappers. You never know who will become your next rockstar. Lead on, friend.

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