On taking responsibility

I am big on taking responsibility and owning up to things. And I think you should be too.

Tough Love

I tend to “keep it real” and I’m not one for sugarcoating things. Some of you may not be ready for this, but you need it. I have seen a lot of talk in various business type groups on Facebook blaming others for things. Y’all. Stop it. You are an adult. If you have a business, whether it’s direct sales or another small business it is on YOU to figure it out. YOU are the person who paid money and decided to sell things. Or start a business. Or whatever. YOU. It is not your company’s fault that you annoyed your warm market so you no longer have any customers. It is not your upline’s fault that you didn’t read policies and procedures.


Yes, some direct sales companies could have better training so their consultants aren’t spamming everyone all over social media. Yes, some uplines could work on being a better leader. But y’all. It’s 2019. It’s on you to start taking responsibility. The internet has turned into a grand place. If your company doesn’t offer much in the way of training then do the Google. It’s just as easy to Google as it is to complain on Facebook, often with faster & better results. Your upline sucks? Seek help elsewhere. Some people join direct sales for the “sisterhood” and the friends they make so use them! And READ! Color Street is not my 1st rodeo. Every direct sales company I’ve been a part of – whether as an active seller or as a kitnapper has had a “back office” with links to policy/procedure & other documents. Read them! You might learn something. And if you’re a visual learner? Well friends, that’s why there’s a YouTube. If you need more help, find a social media/business coach! There are tons! Find one you like. As I mentioned before, I’m currently digging the CEO of Me & her products.

Parting words

Take responsibility. Figure things out & rock your business your way. If the thing you tried didn’t work, try another thing. And please do some research. I’ve seen people drop hundreds and thousands on information they can find for free (or much cheaper) by searching on Google and Pinterest. YOU can do this, friends. Don’t make things harder than they have to be. Believe you’re awesome. I do. <3

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