On treating yo’self aka self care

I believe that you can’t take care of everyone else, all the time, if you can’t take care of yourself. Some people out there may feel this is selfish. It isn’t! Self care is important, friend. Will your car still run if you don’t keep gas in it or do basic maintenance? Maybe for a while, but not for long. It is much the same with a person.

Easier said than done

Like most things, it’s easier to say than do. I get it. When you work/have a business, have a family and there’s all these other demands taking up your time, it isn’t always easy to make time for yourself. Since the guy lives here, he does his fair share (or more) around the house – cooking, cleaning, etc. We try not to let it fall to the other person to do. Team work makes the dream work, right? The kid may be a teenager but he still manages to need me when I’m in the bathroom (seriously, does this ever stop?)! And then there’s all his other things he needs help with or rides to/from – school activities, his job, etc. Between the family, the work, the house and all the things, sometimes I do feel overwhelmed.

This is where self care comes in

There were times before I felt guilty for taking a few steps back when I felt overwhelmed. It seems like there is always something else I could be doing. There probably always will be. But I have learned to let the guilt go. I want you to try to do the same, friend. Are you wondering how? Here’s a few ideas for you to treat yo’self:

– Learn to say no. It really is a complete sentence.
– Ask for help. If you need help, say so. Don’t be ashamed to ask.
– Listen to your favorite music.
– Find somewhere quiet & take a 5 minute mini break.
– Wear something that makes you feel good.
– Take a nap.
– Pamper yourself. Obviously, I do this with Color Street nail strips but another favorite way is with a quick face mask.
– Read a favorite book.

I hope these tips help! I find when I practice self care, I feel recharged & energized. Then I’m able to conquer all of life’s stresses just a little easier. Take care of you, friend.

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