On why (part 2)

It’s been a year since I wrote a story all about why. It hasn’t really changed. Color Street is still pretty much my favorite thing. I’m still having fun and treating myself. But I feel like maybe things have evolved, just a bit.


Some time ago, I heard really great things about Jen Sincero’s book, You Are a Badassยฎ: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. I tried to read it but honestly, it’s super hard for me to get into books like this. Then a few months ago, I decided I should listen to audio books with my Scribd subscription. I don’t always have time to read but I do have time to listen while doing other things. And y’all. This book put things together in my head for me. I already know I’m a badass and I’d already decided this is totally my year to get things moving faster in the direction I want them to go. But this led me to think more about my Color Street business and my why. After listening to this book, a few others and really thinking about my why, I started to think why not?

Why not?

I am a small part of a huge team. Last I heard there were roughly 43,000 stylists. I’m on a team with over 11,000 of them. Collectively, our team sales were over $5 million in March. That’s a lot of nail polish. There are some very successful leaders on this team. It made me start thinking . . . Why not me?ย  I have my own (small) team. Why can’t I grow my team? Why can’t I be successful? There’s no reason I can’t do the things I want to do. The only person who can hold me back is me. And friend, that is also true for you. Really. Having a positive mindset helps. If you decide you want to do something, you can! You’re awesome and you got this!


My why still doesn’t make me cry, but it’s big enough for me. I want to have fun & sell nail polish. I want to have pretty nails. And I want to be successful. My definition of success may not be the same as anyone else’s and that’s okay with me. I’m working on my goals, staying in my lane and reminding myself daily that “comparison is the thief of joy.” I’m out here doing me and you need to do you, friends.

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