The Ultimate Packing Checklist

Happy Trails to You

It’s officially summer! Summer is for travel, right? And if you’re like me, you might forget things you need to take with you on your vacation. This is where a packing checklist comes in super handy. I have a simple list written on an index card that I keep in my travel makeup case. I know where it is and it doesn’t get lost. If I don’t consult the list, I tend to forget things. Like my phone charger. Whoops. Don’t be like me, friend. Use the list!

Vacation Packing List

Here are a list of items that I usually take on a trip:

  • Outfits x # of days, plus 1-2 extra
  • Undergarments x # of days, plus 1-2 extra
  • Shoes (how many depends on what I need to match the outfits, the activity I’ll be doing, expected weather, etc – for me this usually means flip flops, flats I can dress up or down & possibly sneakers)
  • Outerwear (hoodies or jackets if it’s cold or if I’ll be in the sun, a hat)
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries – don’t forget your deodorant and toothbrush!
  • Makeup (and Color Street nail strips!)
  • Laundry bag – if I’m at a place I can do laundry I bring travel sized detergent, if not I use the bag to store my dirty clothes
  •  Electronics – iPod/iPad/laptop/etc
  • Chargers for electronics
  • Accessories for electronics – cases, protectors and/or earbuds
  • Medications
  • Pillows/blankets
  • List of Emergency Contacts
  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Cash
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tickets/Itinerary

Some things to consider

The first aid kit is a more recent addition to the list. It wasn’t something I thought of until we took the kid to his 1st rock concert. It was an outdoor 2 day music festival. He injured himself in the mosh pit of his favorite band on the 1st day. The venue had paramedics who provided basic care and thankfully, the hotel had gauze and an antibiotic ointment. But we also ended up with a trip to the store the next day for more gauze, bandages, ointment, scissors, etc. It was an experience. One I’d rather not repeat.

Also? Don’t forget your tickets. I’m not going to talk about the time we were going to a major sporting event away from home and ended up having to find a library downtown in a major city to reprint our tickets.

Want a free printable packing checklist so you don’t forget anything? Grab it here.

Packing Checklist

Have any exciting stories about something you’ve forgotten? Tell me in the comments!

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