4 Bad Nail Habits & How to Break Them

We all have bad nail habits. Even me, friends. My nails look great most of the time but I’m not perfect. Read on for how to break these 4 common bad habits!


Friends, I am always going to talk about this when I talk about things that are terrible for your nails. This is the number 1. Picking or peeling your nail polish instead of using nail polish remover is terrible for your nails. It can remove the top layer of your actual nails. This leads to weaker nails that might peel.

Stop it: If you pick at your nails when they start to chip, you can carry nail polish remover wipes with you to remove your nail polish on the go. They’re about the size of those pre-moistened towelettes you find in some restaurants so they’re super small & convenient. They are also inexpensive! I tend to pick at my polish when I’m feeling stressed or bored, not when it chips. I try to keep my nails looking nice so I’m less likely to mess up my mani. If making things is your jam, you could try knitting or crocheting for something to do with your hands that isn’t picking at your polish. I’d love to know what works for you!

junk food

Your nails are affected by your overall health and the things you eat. The better your overall diet, the better your nails, skin and hair will look. If you want the cake, by all means, eat the cake. But maybe don’t only eat cake 24/7/365 because that isn’t awesome for your nails. And stay hydrated, y’all! Drinking water is important for your health and your nails. I covered more on this topic in my post about how to heal damaged nails.

Fix it: Eat to support your overall health (including your mental health). This does not mean trying whatever diet the internet deems the best. This means eating things that are rich in vitamins/nutrients and the things you want to eat. If you have vitamin/nutrient deficiencies, that can affect your hair, skin and nails. Seek professional medical advice if you have concerns about those things.

naked nails

When you do things with naked nails, they’re not protected. Cleaning products can dry out your skin and nails. So can plain water! When your nails are submerged in water, the water pushes the natural oils out of your nails and your nails absorb the water. When the water evaporates, it can cause chipped or cracked nail polish, peeling nails and weaker nails.

Stop it: Keep your nails covered. Wear gloves when cleaning or washing dishes. Keep your nails polished, at least with a clear coat to protect them from those times you’re showering or washing your hands. When you polish your nails, whether with Color Street or a bottled polish, you should “wrap the tip.” This will do 2 things – it will help with premature tip wear (polish shrinks a minuscule amount when it fully dries or cures) and it will help to protect your nails from water.

dry skin

This one isn’t so much a habit but when your skin is dry and cracked, your manicure looks less awesome. And it isn’t so healthy for your skin. Dry, cracked hands can bleed and the open wounds could get infected. Not to mention it isn’t a very pleasant experience.

Fix it: Use cuticle oil to keep your nails moisturized. Follow that up with your favorite lotion or hand cream. Use it often. The lotion will create a protective barrier against irritants and help your skin with dehydration. In my day job, I work with a lot of paper. Paper is terribly drying so what I like to do is use cuticle oil when I get to work and then “seal” it in with lotion. I also tend to wash my hands whenever I go on break, so I after I get back to my desk I like to apply the cuticle oil and lotion again. At the very least, apply cuticle oil and lotion before bed at night.

I hope these tips help, friends! Do you have any other bad nail habits and ideas to break them? Let me know in the comments!


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