The Color Street Pedicure Collection is here, are your feet ready?

The Color Street Pedicure Collection is here just in time for warmer weather! The collection includes 8 new shades available now! Are your feet ready to show off these new shades? If not, I got you, friend. Keep reading for 4 tips on getting your feet ready for the Pedicure Collection.

First things first

Let’s talk about these new shades. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I do my manis with Color Street nail strips, I have a few extra strips leftover. I like to put these extra strips on my toes but they don’t always have the best fit. That’s where these new sets come in! Not only are the shades totally new, so are the shapes! Each set of Color Street nail strips come with 16 double ended strips to help you get the best fit for the size and shape of your fingernail. However, while the new pedicure shades also come with 16 strips, they are not double ended because after some research, it was found that toenail shapes do not vary as much as fingernails. The Color Street Pedicure Collection look to be just a touch wider and less rounded than the nail strips we’re all used to. Every new release, I think I fall even more in love with Color Street. That purple shade (Tropic Like It’s Hot) in the middle? All the heart eyes for that one!

Color Street pedicure shades

Get pedi ready!

Now that warmer weather is coming, there are multiple ways to get your feet ready to show off the new Color Street Pedicure Collection:

  • Visit a salon/spa for the ultimate pampering experience. You do you. This is not for me. Leave my house and pay someone to touch me? No. I’d much rather stay home with my Color Street and do all the things myself.
  • Use a foot peel. This I have done. Again with the honesty – it’s gross. Layers of dead skin peel off your feet. Ew. I basically lived in socks for the days it took for that to happen. The one I used is no longer available but I’ve heard really great (aka gross) things about Baby Foot.
  • Use an exfoliating lotion. I used Perfectly Posh’s Schwanky and Soft after I did the foot peel. I feel like it helped keep my feet soft and in top shape.
  • Use a buffer, like Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer. It smells great and it’s super quick to use in the shower. Spoiler alert: if you’re in my Facebook group, I bought some of these to use as gifts & prizes during the summer months. And since I bought them, I’ve used 2 of them myself. If your feet need a lot of help, you may want to try a peel first but these seem great for general upkeep.

Color Street Pedicure Collection

Mix & match your favorites from what Color Street has available with the Buy 3, Get 1 free offer. Not your thing? Prefer a more classic French style? Awesome! Those are always Buy 1, Get 1 free!

Haven’t tried Color Street yet, but want to? Request a sample!

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