How to Join Color Street

. . . and why you should!

Have you been wondering about how to join Color Street? Or maybe why you should? You’ve come to the right place, friends!

Now is the best time to join! Why?

Well, friends, Color Street is still pretty new. Color Street launched in June 2017. The last update I received stated there were less than 40,000 active stylists. What does that mean? It means Color Street is still very much a ground floor opportunity. The options are endless – whether you want a fun hobby or to build a business to the highest level and everything in between.

Click for more kit details!

The product is amazing, the kit is a super good value and you earn 25-35% commission (paid weekly) on anything you sell, including your own purchases! You don’t have to carry inventory or mail orders to your customers. AND for the month of March 2019, anyone who joins can *earn FIVE of these exclusive “I Flip for Color” sets!

Are you in?

Joining is super easy. All you have to do is click on this linkย which will take you to my website. Then:
– make sure my name (Amanda Tucker) is in the upper left corner
– click join now
– check the boxes & click agree
– fill out your personal information & click submit
– YAY! Welcome! Watch out for an email from me.

Um? Maybe?

I get it, the B word can be scary. Don’t want to have a business but maybe you want what’s in the kit? That’s totally okay! You can join Color Street just to buy the kit and then do absolutely nothing else! Nothing will happen to you, other than you got 10 really great nail strips (and 72 packs of accent nails) for a really great price. There’s nothing to lose! Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me via email or Facebook!

I’m not ready to join Color Street, but I want to shop

So you love the product but you don’t want to buy a whole kit? That’s awesome too! Color Street always offers buy 3, get 1 on solids, glitters and designs plus buy 1, get 1 on French styles. If you join my Facebook group, you’ll have all the up-to-date info about new releases plus access to any deals or specials I offer to my group members from time to time.

If you want to know more about why I love Color Street, I covered that in this post.

*I Flip for Color March Promotion

To be eligible for the five (5) sets of aqua to purple color-flipping, limited edition I Flip For Color nails in addition to your JS35 reward, you must be a New Stylist who joined in March 2019 AND you must have $1000 in sales in your first 35 days AND have $300 in sales in the month the Jump Start (JS35) reward is earned. If you join in March and have $1000 in sales during that month, you’ve done it! If you join in March and have $950 in sales and have $50 in sales in April (while still in your 1st 35 days), you do not earn the Jump Start reward/exclusive sets unless you have $250 more in sales before April ends. Any questions? Contact me!

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