How to remove Color Street

Color Street nail strips are 100% nail polish but I often get asked questions about how to remove Color Street. The simple answer? Use your favorite nail polish remover. The longer answer? Read on, friends.

acetone vs. non acetone

Your mileage may vary, but I get the best results when I use an acetone based remover. My favorite is this one from Zoya. Recently, I was visiting my mom for the weekend and wanted to change my nail polish. I hadn’t used any other remover in years and it made me appreciate how amazing Zoya Remove+ is! If you can’t or don’t want to use acetone, this one is a decent alternative. It wasn’t my favorite but many others love it! It does work well, but please note that other non acetone removers may take a little bit time & more elbow grease because non acetone remover takes longer to break down nail polish.

nail polish remover clipsSometimes, glitter based designs can be a little stubborn. In that case, I use these clips with a round cotton pad (the kind one uses to remove makeup). With just a little remover and a few minutes on my nails, the glitter polish wipes right off! Again, you can also use a non acetone remover with these clips but you may need to keep them on longer than 2-3 minutes.

What about peeling?

It may seem like you can peel off your Color Street nail strips. Don’t do it, friends! Peeling or picking at your nail polish is terrible for your nails! It can remove the top layer of your nail which can cause your nails to become weak. If you do this constantly, think of how weak your nails will become in just a few weeks! It can take 6 months for a nail to grow back completely. You can help your nails heal, but you cannot undo the damage overnight. So, just don’t pick at them, okay?

How to remove Color Street nail strips

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