On being an askhole

A do what now?

What is an askhole, you ask? An askhole is that friend you have that constantly asks you for advice but never takes it. We all know someone like this. We may have done this ourselves a time or two. But stop!

I get it, you have an issue you’d really like some advice about. You think your friends are the perfect people to help you out. So you call, text, post on Facebook – whatever. Then you start to get that advice you asked for. Maybe your friends have some really great ideas. Or they don’t. Maybe their ideas are super awesome for other people but they won’t work for your special situation. So you tell them. You can’t do ABC because XYZ. You can’t do DEF either. And that’s a “NOPE” to GHI. You get the idea.


Y’all. Did you want advice or did you want attention/to make conversation/whatnot? Because this is super frustrating to your friends. They see you struggling and want to help. Now they feel annoyed. Or maybe they feel like it was a waste of their time. It is not an awesome feeling. Don’t be that guy. Next time you find yourself asking for advice, instead of shooting down every idea given, try some different replies. “Thanks for the advice!” “I hadn’t thought of that, thanks” “Oh, that’s a great idea!” Maybe you try the things. Maybe you don’t. But now your friends won’t want to kick you in the shin the next time they see you.

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