On why

This is the story all about why

If you know anyone in direct sales, you’ve probably heard all about why they joined their company. Sharing the “why” is widely encouraged in the industry. If you’re in the industry yourself, you may have heard “If your why doesn’t make you cry, it’s not big enough.” I don’t agree. It isn’t always that serious. People choose to join direct sales companies for a variety of reasons – fun, pay bills, pay for extras, etc. I’m not going to judge any of them. You do you. I’m going to stay over here in my lane & talk about me.

I mentioned previously that I started dabbling in direct sales a few years ago. I initially joined that company because I liked the products and because it seemed like fun. I joined under a friend, a few weeks after she did. We really had no idea what we were doing so we turned to the internets and started to figure it all out.

On to the next direct sales gig

By the fall, my friend found a company with some really great pampering/skin care products & joined. I decided to join too, using all my newfound social media/marketing knowledge. On January 1, 2016, I signed up to try my hand at running a business completely online without being spammy & gross. I really liked the products & I liked getting them at a discount, so why not?

The addiction begins

In the 6 months between joining these 2 companies, I not only learned about social media & better practices in Facebook groups I joined, I also learned there are approximately 439743 direct sales companies I’d never heard of. I also met a lot of like-minded, amazing women. I also found a popular clothing brand. I decided this could be the answer to some financial problems I caused when I left my previous job. When I left, it was because I felt like it was having a negative impact on my health. I felt like I needed to focus on other things. I went back to school & started another job – at a pay cut. My husband got a new job (promotion) but debt grew. Soon after, my husband got another promotion so things were okay but we still had debt from before.

Now what?

Now, after paying off some debt, I’m back to wanting to have some fun and treat myself. I like having pretty nails every day. I’m super excited to see where the new journey as an Independent Color Street Stylist takes me!


I’ve joined multiple other companies as a “kitnapper.” A kitnapper is someone who joins for the value of the kit with no intention of running a business. This is a very valid reason for joining a company. Hundreds of dollars worth of products you use & love for a low price? Then you get to buy more at a discount? Heck yes, sign me up! A kitnapper may end up rocking their new business. I’ve seen it happen firsthand. I always welcome any kitnapper to my team & if it’s something you could be interested in, let’s talk, friend.

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