Should you attend your company’s annual convention?

The answer to that question is yes, friends. If at all possible you should definitely attend your company’s annual convention! Summer is typically when conventions are held, so it’s a great time for a mini vacation! Read on for 3 reasons why I think you should totally go!

Learn new things!

From general sessions to breakout sessions, the knowledge is there for those who seek it! The things you will learn at your company’s convention can be invaluable for your business. General sessions typically have a motivational speaker. This is great for getting you in the right mindset for all of the opportunities available. You’ll also learn tips and tricks to be more successful in your direct sales business. Those in the top of the company usually teach the trainings but they weren’t always at the top! They had to build their business just like you. For my company, Color Street, there are multiple classes to choose from during our annual conference. They range from things like bookings & hostess coaching to social media marketing and more! Other companies have similar offerings. Take advantage of everything you can to take your business to the next level!

Make new friends!

You have something in common with everyone at your convention. All of you love your product(s) and your company! You all want to learn something new! Whether attending general sessions, award ceremonies or even just exploring your hotel – you’ll meet new people! Or maybe you’ll have the opportunity to meet members of  your team you haven’t met in person yet. Your new friends are also great people to swap ideas with! Something that works for them, may also work for you & vice versa. It’s a super fun time and refreshing to be around so many encouraging people if your loved ones are less than impressed with direct sales life.

Go new places!

Often, a company’s annual convention is held in a large city that may be a tourist destination. If you aren’t from a large city, you can learn about city life. You’ll have amazing experiences, especially if you take a day before or after your convention to really explore. If you are from a large city, then exploring another part of the country may be fun for you. Even if it isn’t a new city for you, go anyway and do something new! Color Street‘s conference is in Orlando this year. I grew up an hour away and have been to Orlando countless times. I am still excited! There is always something new to see or do, not to mention I get a whole weekend of team bonding & girl time in a resort hotel!


Annual convention is when recognition happens. You worked hard, friend. You deserve to be recognized for it!  The company will also make new, exciting announcements! This could be regarding new items or new incentives (like trips)! FOMO (fear of missing out) is real but if you’re at convention, you can hear the things first – as they’re being announced! And if you’re lucky, your company will be handing out some of the new products or designs that are announced! Who doesn’t love free product and/or swag? And speaking of swag, there is usually a swag store at convention that has awesome things that may not be available on your company’s swag site. Let’s be real, product and swag are totally my favorite parts!

Are you or have you every attended an annual convention? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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