Color Street Fall 2019 is coming

The Color Street Fall 2019 Launch is coming! At the time of this writing, I do not have a release date but the retiring list was just announced so my guess is sooner rather than later!

Color Street Retiring Shades for 2019

Y’all. This list. So many favorites are leaving. Click here to see all of them. One favorite, Atlantis, is already gone (it sold out less than 24 hours after being announced as retiring). This definitely caught some by surprise. Many never thought Atlantis would retire! But these amazing shades leaving can only mean one thing. More amazing shades are coming! With Spring, we saw 32 brand new shades and since then we have also had several awareness sets and mini collection launches. I cannot wait to see what Color Street has in store for us for Fall!

Fall Fashion Trends

I did some quick research on Fall 2019 fashion trends to see what may show up in the Color Street Fall Collection. I saw things like plaid, “goth” looks, many shades of green and metallics (apparently lamé is making a comeback). Those could be super fun for new nail looks! However, in looking at the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for Fall/Winter, I am a little surprised to see shades like Jewel of Mumbai, Hotlanta and Singapore Chic on the retiring list. Maybe there’s some reformulation in the works? Much like when Miami Beach (hot pink with a shimmer finish) retired before the Spring Collection launched and was replaced with Hotlanta (hot pink with a crème finish).

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