3 reasons to host a Color Street Nail Bar

Do you love Color Street nail strips? Do you love to party? You can do both, with a Color Street Nail Bar! Here are 3 reasons why you should totally host a Color Street Nail Bar!

You get free stuff!

If you really love Color Street, why not get it for free? Color Street has a very generous hostess rewards program. Nail Bars must reach $150 in sales before they’re “qualified” for rewards. At that point, the rewards start at 10% of sales and 1 half price item and increase at different increments. Sounds pretty awesome, right? What’s even more awesome? I have developed my own hostess rewards program. Contact me for details!


Everyone is out there living life so they don’t always make time to get together with their people. A Color Street Nail Bar changes that! What’s more fun than hanging out (in person or virtually) with people you like and getting pretty nails? Not much, friends. Not much.


Maybe you’ve been thinking about joining Color Street but you aren’t sure. Being a hostess is a great way to see how it all works without dropping $129 (plus tax and shipping). You can work with your Color Street stylist to run the Nail Bar and feel out your family/friends.


host a Color Street Nail Bar

Haven’t tried Color Street yet, but want to? Request a sample!

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