Can you make money with Color Street?

Look, friend. I am totally aware that the direct sales industry gets a bad rap. Some of this is because of a lack of understanding about the industry. Some of this is because people are out there doing it wrong. No one wants that product message from their middle school friend they haven’t heard from in 25 years. But can you really make money with Color Street?

The answer is yes.

Absolutely, there is potential to earn with Color Street. I bet you’re also wondering how much. Well. That’s an answer I can’t give you. How much you earn is largely determined by you. If you “work your business,” how you do it, and when is all up to you. Some people join a direct sales company to get a discount. Some people want a hobby. Other people join because they want to have their own business. There are some who make $10 per month. There are some who make thousands per month. The 2020 income disclosure statement gives all those details for Color Street, specifically. For more information on average Color Street Stylist earnings, please visit

Multiple ways to earn

There are multiple ways to earn money. Color Street breaks them down into 3 different phases: marketing, leadership and executive. The marketing phase is all about sales. You earn a 25% commission on all sales, paid weekly. You can also earn an enhanced commission (up to 10%) if your sales are $600-$2400+ for the month. The leadership phase is about team building. You can earn a percentage of the sales of each person you enroll. The executive phase “rewards you for mentoring other emerging leaders.” In this phase, you can earn a team bonus and generation bonus as well as a car/lifestyle bonus. It isn’t a pink Cadillac, friends. It is money. More specifically, a $500-1000/month bonus to get you what you want. The leadership and executive phases with their talk of different levels and ranks are more complicated than I’ve laid out here but you can find some details in the compensation plan summary.


At this time, Color Street is still a very new company at just about 2 1/2 years old. There has been explosive growth. In November 2019, company-wide sales were the highest ever at $24,285,000. That’s $24 MILLION. That’s a LOT of $11-14 nail polish strips. Women want nail polish that applies easily, dries quick, goes on evenly, has good coverage, removes easily, and applies quickly. Color Street checks those boxes. Recently, Allure published an article about the top trending beauty searches of 2019. Spoiler alert! How to apply Color Street was number 1. This is only the beginning. The nail polish industry is growing every day and Color Street is only a small portion of that industry. Why not take a walk on these colored streets with me & see how much YOU can earn?

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    1. It’s right away! As soon as you sign up & complete the process, the website is active.
      The pay week is Wed – Tues. Commissions are paid on Thursday.

  1. Yes I am very interested in becoming a color street representative. Can I please get in contact with you.

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