Top 5 apps for your small business

Do you have a direct sales business or another small business? Do you use apps to help you stay on top of things? I know I do!

Here’s a list of my 5 favorite apps, in no particular order.

  • Word Swag – I love the ease of Word Swag for creating quick graphics on the go when I need to post to Instagram or Facebook. I love that Pixabay is built into the search, so I don’t have to worry too much about using images that are copyrighted.
  • Phonto – This is another graphics app. I use this one when I only want to add words to an image – like the template I created for the quotes I post on Instagram.
  • QuickBooks, the self-employed edition – I did my taxes with Turbo Tax last year & was offered a deal onΒ QuickBooks. I wasn’t sure how much I would use it at first but, it’s been awesome. It’s super easy to use. I don’t always keep up with my expenses in the app, but I am tracking miles which I never did before. The app has a Schedule C built in, so that’s awesome for tax time!
  • Trello – I’m trying super hard to be more organized & Trello is helping me with that! I use it for all kinds of things but my favorite use is for Facebook parties. I have a few different Color Street nail bar templates saved & whether I’m home or on the go, I have everything I need to post into my hostess’s nail bar.
  • Dropbox – Most of the time I prefer making graphics on the laptop but then post them from my phone. Dropbox is great for having your files at your fingertips wherever you are! It’s also awesome for backing up any files you may need. Before Dropbox came into my life, I was emailing or texting things to myself. No more!

Apps not really your thing? Keep reading for a few honorable mentions!

  • Canva – Canva is my favorite for site for making graphics. I find it simple to use for what I need it for. I pay for the upgraded version – Canva for Work – so I can do just a little more than the free version offers, like uploading my own fonts and saving my branding colors. There is an app but I like the desktop version better.
  • CEO of Me – Misty Kearns runs CEO of Me & her products are amazing! She’s a coach & offers training courses as well as tons of valuable information on her blog. I’m currently using her Direct Sales Printable Success Planner System & recently joined theΒ Monthly Success Booster to help me stay organized and whatnot.

Top 5 apps for your small business

I hope you find this list helpful. It is by no means comprehensive, just a few of the ones I use for my business most often.

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