Frequently Asked Questions about joining Color Street


Thinking about joining Color Street?

Hi friend! Have you been thinking about doing this direct sales thing but you have questions about joining Color Street? I got you!

Wait. What is Color Street?
A beauty brand that sells dry nail polish strips. See more here.

How do I apply Color Street?
Did you know this question was the #1 most Googled beauty trend of 2019? Anyway, you can read this post here or watch me apply here.

Questions about joining Color Street

So, how do I join Color Street?
It’s super easy, friend. Go to this link, then fill out the info, and pay for your kit. Yay! You’re a stylist! Congrats!

What’s in the kit?
13 full sets, 72 two finger testers (aka twosies – use them as accent nails or pass them out so other people can try Color Street too), a cute tote bag & more!

Do I get to pick the sets?

What if I don’t like the sets in my kit?
I’m sure you will, but if you don’t, you can give them as gifts or sell them.

Are there any inventory or auto-ship requirements?

Are there any fees to be a stylist?
The only fees are the cost of your kit and a $9.95 website fee which is free the month you join and the first full month after.

Are there any sales requirements?
Not exactly. If you have a team, you will need to have 300 PV during a calendar month once in a 6 month period. If you do, your 6 months starts over. If not, you will remain a stylist but you will no longer have a downline. (updated July 2021)

What if I just want to buy the kit?
Awesome! You can do that here.

What about money?

How much money can I make?
Well, that’s largely up to you, but commission is 25-35% of sales. You can find more info about making money here and an income disclosure statement here.

Why should I join Color Street?
I joined because I wanted more fun in my life & I like having pretty nails. You might have a different reason. That’s okay. But just know Color Street is an affordable, consumable product and the compensation plan is pretty great. The support and training available from the company are amazing. After 3+ years, I still love the product and company just as much as I did in the beginning.

Why should I join your team?
Well, to quote someone on my team, I’m a “fantastic upline.” Color Street isn’t my first direct sales rodeo. In the past 6 years of my direct sales journey, I’ve learned a lot. I’m also really laid-back. I will not tell you that you have to bonus qualify (sell 300PV in 1 month), pressure you to buy inventory or anything else you can’t afford. I will not tell you that you have to build a team. All of those things are business decisions you have to make for yourself. You know your goals, your financial situation & your business plan. What I will do is support you & cheer you on. On my team, you have the advantage of a small, supportive space while also having available the training and knowledge of some amazing leaders, including the one with the number one selling team for multiple years in a row.

Will you be mad if I join your team and don’t sell anything or I want to quit?
Nope! You have to do you, friend.

I hope this helps with any questions you have about joining Color Street. If you have any other questions, please email me or find me on Facebook.

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