3 reasons why you should join Color Street right now

Have you been thinking about doing this direct sales thing and wondering about the reasons to join Color Street? I got you, friend. Here are 3 reasons why right now is a really great time.


Recently, Color Street had a virtual conference – Shine Bright at Home. During this conference incentives were announced for current stylists. Not only do stylists have the opportunity to earn holiday nail strips for free, a new trip was announced! And for the first time, a stylist doesn’t have to be at a certain rank to be able to go! Earning enough points for the trip involves some work but doesn’t an all-inclusive 5 day/4 night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana sound like fun?

Money for the holidays

No income is guaranteed, but if one were to join Color Street in August and had one qualifying nail bar/week, that person would earn $600 (plus an extra $72 in enhanced commission) by December. Let’s math! A qualifying nail bar is $150 in sales. Having 1 nail bar with $150 in sales each week and assuming there are 4 weeks in a month, the total in sales is $600. Starting commission is 25%, so for those 4 parties in that month, a stylist would earn a total of $150 each month August – November. But wait! There’s more! If a stylist has $600 in sales for 1 month, they also earn an enhanced commission which would be an extra $18 each month. I think extra money is one of the best reasons to join Color Street! For more information, you can see a summary of the compensation plan here and an income disclosure statement here. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Everyone else is doing it, why not you?

Okay. Maybe not everyone is doing it. But really, why not you? And if not now, when? For the past few months, Color Street sales have been exploding. In 2019, “how to apply Color Street nails” was the #1 Googled search term in the beauty category and the only brand mentioned – other search terms were things like “how to apply blush” or “how to apply mascara.” I’m on the #1 selling team in the whole company. Between August 2019 and June 2020, we sold $105 million. Nail polish. $11-14 product. It seriously blows my mind. The support from the team and the company as a whole is awesome. Not to mention there’s amazing incentives and a pretty great comp plan. What’s holding you back, friend?

IfΒ  you need more reasons to join Color Street, you can read about them here or reach out. I’m happy to answer any questions!

Ready to join? Click here & welcome to the team!

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